HW #6

Why did Seymour do it? After we finish reading the story together in a class, write a thoughtful response using details from the text to support your understanding. "A Perfect Day for Bananafish"

HW #5

Harrison Bergeron Vonnegut Quote Analysis. Submit to turnitin. See Google Class for Quote List. Select a quote from the link to Vonnegut quotes. In paragraph one, set up the quote, then interpret the quote in your own words, and write a thesis statement that provides a position about whether this statement is true or false to the short story, "Harrison Bergeron." Cite the author and title in your intro paragraph. PLEASE SUBMIT TO TURNITIN. In paragraph two, set up a topic sentence supporting your thesis and then discuss THREE examples from the story that support your statement in your intro. Use all the rules for formal lit analysis writing.

HW #4

Finish lit analysis for Omelas and submit to turnitin.
  • Omelas Lit Analysis
  • SHOW and TONE Words

    HW #3

    Review "The Hangman" poem and connect the poem to a modern issue or news event. Use three specifics from the poem to help you think through the modern connection. What does the poem reveal that helps you think through an issue or event from today? Please submit your HW to turnitin.
  • Pre Reading Checklist is in this File

    HW #2

    Spot the Difference. Enjoy this 18 minute short version of "The Lottery"--> The Lottery (1966) . Does the film fulfill Jackson's purpose? Write a formal position statement. Then, discuss THREE talking points comparing or contrasting the film with the story to support your position. Use specifics!

    HW #1

    Please register with turnitin, classroom, remind, and groupme. Wow! All the codes are on the Class Description. Read through the CLASS GUIDELINES.

    Finish (if we didn't in class together) "The Lottery" and answer the 6 questions at the end in YOUR OWN WORDS. Please submit your responses by next class. @ turnitin. Please write in complete sentences and use details from the text to illuminate your point. No "I" or "we" needed, use formal words, and avoid contractions. Each response should be 2-3 sentences and use quotes. Don't worry about citing page numbers.

    Handouts and Links

    General Stuff

  • America poems
  • PowerPoint Reflection
  • Journal Guidelines
  • Common Essay Errors
  • Critical Lens Outline
  • A Sample Student Critical Lens
  • Critical Lens Peer Edit Sheet
  • Quoting from a Poem or Play in Verse
  • Analyze Literary Elements
  • Why You Should Read Lord of the Flies


  • "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson
  • "The Lottery" 1969 short film
  • "The Hangman" (1964)
  • "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut
  • "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" by Ursula LeGuin
  • Asch Conformity Experiment
  • Jane Eliot Experiment

    Catcher in the Rye Stuff

  • CIR Vocabulary List
  • 1940s PowerPoint Assignment
  • How to Cite for the PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint Rubric
  • Character Sketch: Holden
  • Allie Mitt Project
  • Definition Essay of "Phony"
  • JD Salinger Biography
  • Salinger Interviews
  • More Salinger Bio
  • New York Times Reviews of Salinger
  • What's a Bildungsroman?
  • Online Resources
  • Study Guide
  • More Guide
  • Study Questions
  • A Reader Response
  • Another Reader Response
  • Discussion of Some Themes in Catcher
  • Photographic Companion
  • Praise and Criticism
  • CITR Book Covers
  • Catcher Vocab Sheet (all chapters)
  • Think about the novel in different ways...
  • Catcher Webquest
  • Bildungsroman Worksheet
  • Is Holden Mentally Ill?
  • Catcher Females Worksheet
  • Final Project Explication Samples
  • CIR Final Project Rubric
  • CIR Dialogue Exercise: Sally and Carl
  • Holden's Psychological Profile Worksheet
  • Comin' Thro the Rye
  • Final Project Paragraph Samples

    Dead Poets Society

  • Dead Poets Script
  • Dead Poets Screen Play
  • Dead Poet's Questions Day 1
  • Dead Poet's Questions Day 2

    Lord of the Flies Stuff

  • Lost Episodes
  • How is it like LOF? Current Events Log
  • LOF Vocab for Novel
  • LOF Group Work: Symbols Chapters 1-2
  • LOF Log Project
  • Drawing Characterization
  • Close Reading Passage
  • LOF Critical Lens Assignment
  • Sample LOF Critical Lens Start of an Outline
  • The author: William Golding
  • Golding Biography
  • Some Informational Links
  • Lord of the Flies Info
  • Vocabulary
  • Study Guide
  • Simpsons' Lord of the Flies Worksheet
  • The Movie (1961)
  • The Movie (1990)
  • Meanings and Symbols
  • The Rules Are All We've Got Worksheet
  • The Stanford Prison Experiment
  • Zimbardo on the Psychology of Evil
  • Stanford Prison Experiment & Original Footage
  • Psychology is Nuts
  • Evil Comes from Hierarchy
  • Stanford Prison Experiment & Today
  • Milgram Experiment
  • Brain and Hierarchy (NPR)
  • Muzafer Sherif's The Robbers Cave Experiment
  • The Lord of the Flies is Still a Blueprint for Savagery
  • ABC Milgrim Remake
  • Lawsuit Over Drowning Joins a Tide to Chinese Courts
  • Coach Says He Knew of NO Hazing
  • Lord of the Flies Savages; Gang of Children Tortured Teenager

    Oedipus Rex

  • Oedipus Online Text
  • National Theater on Ancient Theater
  • Ancient Greek Theater
  • Ancient Greek Actors
  • Ancient Greek Theater Site
  • Greek Theater: Tragedy and Comedy
  • Listen to Oedipus Rex online
  • Oedipus Rex Part I
  • Oedipus Rex (1968 film)
  • Short Animated Oedipus
  • Oedipus Overview 60 Seconds
  • Intro Oedipus 60 Seconds
  • Oedipus Characters 60 Seconds
  • Oedipus Theme in 60 Seconds
  • Truth Theme 60 Seconds
  • Power of Prophecy 60 Seconds
  • Eye Motif 60 Seconds
  • Symbols 60 Seconds
  • Teiresias Scene
  • Ode 1 and Scene 2
  • Fight for Kisses: Oedipus Complex and Commercial
  • Freud's Oedipal Complex
  • The Oedipal Complex
  • Oedipal Complex Animation
  • My Oedipal Complex
  • Zones: My Oedipus Complex
  • Woody Allen's Oedipus Wrecks
  • Oedipus Wrecks Review
  • Family Guy Oedipus
  • What Makes Something Funny?


  • NAtional Theatre: An Introduction to Greek Theater
  • National Theatre: Intro (2)
  • Greek Theatre from Discovery Channel's Seven Wonders of Ancient Greece
  • Antigone Pre-Reading Project
  • Tragedy: The Basics
  • Antigone After the Play Worksheet
  • Antigone Play Breakdown Worksheet
  • Antigone Journal Answerer Prompts
  • Analyze Literary Elements in Antigone
  • Literary Terms Glossary
  • Peer Editing for the Critical Lens
  • Critical Lens Assignment: Antigone
  • Critical Lens Outline: Antigone
  • Paragrpah Sandwich

  • Writer's Digest "Defining and Developing Your Anti-Hero"
  • The Rise of the Anti-Hero (USA TODAY)
  • An Anti-Hero of One's Own (Tim Adams)
  • Tim Adam's "An Anti-Hero of One's Own"
  • Types of Heroes (Wiki)
  • Top 10 Movie Anti Heroes
  • Anti-Heroes in Sci Fi Films
  • Anti-Heroes
  • An Ode to Envy (Parul Sehgal)

    Richard Matheson

  • "Button.Button"
  • "Push the Button" (Twilight Zone)

    William Faulkner

  • "A Rose for Emily"

    Cyrano de Bergerac

  • Cyrano de Bergerac Online Text
  • Cyrano Nose Speech and Fencing Ballade
  • "Online" by Brad Paisley

    Patricia Highsmith

  • Compare Chorus Girl with Ming Assignment
  • Compare Chorus Girl, Ming, and Rat Assignment

    Everything Matters!t

  • Everything Matters! Vocab
  • "In the Morning of the Magicians" by The Flaming Lips
  • We re Here Because We're Here Because We're Here"
  • Everything Matters Vocab
  • Everything Matters 3-27 Lesson
  • Everything Matters 28-51 Lesson
  • Everything Matters 52-81 Lesson
  • Everything Matters 82-100 Lesson
  • Everything Matters 101-126 Lesson
  • Everything Matters 127-157 Lesson
  • Everything Matters 158-187 Lesson [Junior, Son Becomes Father, Junior]
  • Everything Matters 188-221 Lesson
  • Everything Matters 222-258 Lesson

    Macbeth Unit

  • Macbeth Online Text
  • Three Different Act 1, Sc 1 (1971, 2006, 2010)
  • Macbeth Act I scene 3 Analysis
  • Lady Macbeth Receives Letter
  • Lady Macbeth and Macbeth Sides 1961 Sean Connery
  • Act I, sc 7
  • If it were done....
  • Story Outline
  • Life in Elizabethan England
  • Macbeth's "If it were done" Soliloquy
  • Macbeth's "Is this a dagger" Soliloquy
  • Shakespeare Insults
  • Macbeth Act V, scene 5
  • Richard the Third Bones

    The Macbeth Project

  • The Macbeth Project
  • MacDonald's Soliloquy
  • Macbeth News Show with Commercials 2012
  • Macbeth Project Sample Foundations 2012 TMZ
  • Cawdor Shore 2013
  • Cawdor Shore with Commercials at end
  • Macbeth Nyquil For Kings Commercial 2013
  • Macbeth Commercial: Victor's Mercenaries 2013
  • Guilt in Macbeth 2013
  • "Dear Malcolm (based on SNL Dear Sister spoof) 2013
  • Macbeth in 100 Seconds" Song (2013)
  • Wonder Pets Macbeth Trailer (2013)
  • Dunsinane Hills (2013)
  • Gabe Lyons' Two Interpretations of Act I, sc 1 (2013)
  • Daggers and Guilt (2013)
  • Jack and Jacob's Movie Trailer Macbeth
  • Messenger Man (A Gossip Girl Inspired Macbeth) [Emily, Emma, Tori, Casey and Maddie]
  • Killa (Macbeth Rap Video by Etha, Ryan, and Dylan)
  • Gabby's Commercial
  • Macbeth: A Children's Book by Jenna and Sabrina
  • Macbeth Restaurant Review by Danielle, Izzy, and Jesse
  • Portable Prophecy Commercial by Allegra, Vicky and Heidi
  • Magic 8 Ball Commercial 2014
  • Macbeth Children's Book 2014
  • Magical Pills Presentation 2014
  • Denise and Jessica's Prezi Presentation
  • Eden's "Is This a Band" (A parody of "Is this a dagger" Soliloquy)
  • Jon and Joe's Kingship for Dummies
  • Chiara, Sam, and Shannon's Animated Macbeth
  • Sophie and Ben's Children's Macbeth
  • Enis, Ben, and Nick's Monkey Macbeth
  • Ashton's Historical Context
  • Michael's Historical Context
  • David, Will, and Andrew's Movie Trailer
  • Alex's Summary Book
  • Rianna's Deadly Daggers Commercial
  • Matt's The Shiving Tree Children's Book
  • Molly's Haunted House Macbeth Style
  • Justin, Gina, and Victoria's Pigeon Macbeth
  • Jeremy and Owen's Macbeth State Farm Commercials
  • Sophie, Claudia, Julia, Phara, Cally, Lauren, and Emily's "Keeping Up with the Macbeths
  • Aoi, Mathias, Brittany and Alex's "Shut Up and Kill" Video
  • Jack, Nikki, and Danny's "Dagger in a Box" SNL spoof Macbeth
  • Ilana and Rachel's Prophecy Commercial
  • Jordan and Rob's "I Just Can't Wait to be King" Macbeth Style
  • Jason's Historical Macbeth: The Supernatural
  • Ryan, Jacob, Matt D, Matt S, Joe and Alec's "Fresh King of Scotland MTV and Hockey Commercial
  • Connor and Sylvia's Macbeth Adaptation 2016
  • Alex's Your Choice Political Satire 2016
  • Emily's Bloody Macbeth 2016
  • Jacob and Jason's Hardcore MacPawn
  • Elijah, Evan, Cesar, and Steven's Macbeth's MTV Cribs
  • Liz, Lulu, Catherin, Savanna, Alison's Macbeth Movie Trailer 2016
  • Andrew, Erick and Josh's Talk Show Interview of Three Kings 2016
  • Caroline, Liz, Sam, and Madi's Macbeth Riff Off 2016
  • Jay's Hamilton/Macbeth Video 2016
  • Mike G's Cheetahs vs. Lions Children's Book
  • Osvalda K and Chloe W's Sleeping Macbeth Children's Book
  • Anthony G, Charlie G, Jonathan J, and Andrew G's TMZ Macbeth
  • Will G and Chris D's Eminem "Lose Yourself" Macbeth Style
  • Carly H, Amanda S, and Daniela C's Chopped Scotland Edition
  • Sam F and Jessica S's Macbetho Mode (2019)
  • Briggs, Brooke, and Max's Project (2019)
  • Jake, Sara, and Ellen's Total Drama of Scotland (2019)
  • Yazmeen's Glory Commercial

    Newspaper Unit

  • News Story Sample: Standoff in Alabama Ends in Boy's Rescue and Kidnapper's Death
  • News Story Checklist
  • How to Write a News Story
  • How to Write News Stories
  • Profile Sample: Beck
  • Editorial Model
  • Editorial Checklist
  • How to Write Reviews


  • Restaurant Review Sample: Atera
  • Movie Review Sample: Beautiful Creatures
  • Classical Music Review Sample
  • Art Review Sample
  • Book Review Sample
  • Fashion in Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Greek Music
  • Ancient Instruments
  • "A Rose for Emily"

    Raisin in the Sun Unit

  • Raisin in the Sun Online Text
  • African American Hair History Timeline
  • A Look Back at Black Hairy History
  • Chris Rock Trailer "Good Hair"
  • Black Hair History Timeline
  • Essence Black History Month Natural Hair History
  • Journal Wor. Read handout and answer for each of the following characters from the play who hold similar views, labeled clearly: Booker T. Washington Mini Bio, W.E.B. DuBois Mini Bio, Marcus Garvey
  • Act I, Scene 1: Raisin in the Sun
  • Raisin in the Sun Act II, scene 1
  • Jim Crow 1930s PART I
  • The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow

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