Ms.  Gokturk

Trends in Literature


Reading Schedule: Till We Have Faces


Please have the following pages completed by each of the following dates.  Understand that your absence is not an excuse for being unprepared; you are expected to be prepared for every class you attend and make up the work for any class missed within two days. 

  • All readings will be accompanied by a reading comprehension quiz.  These will be administered at the start of class.
  • If you arrive late to class more than five minutes, you will have to make up the quiz THAT day by 3:00 on your own time.  It will be in a folder on my desk.  If you do not make it up, you will receive a zero.
  • If you are absent for a quiz, upon your return to school, you have only two days to make it up.  It will be in a Make-Up Folder on my desk.  Please take it there and if I am not there, please follow the honor system.  Quizzes not made up within two days receive a 0.  No exceptions, no negotiations. 
  • If you are absent, you must check the website and complete any in-class assignments or group work.  You will have two days to submit the make up work.
  • IF you are absent, please make sure to get any notes you missed and speak to a classmate about anything else you missed.


In the event of a snow day, we will follow the letter day [the dates will be all messed up!].  In the event of my absence, you MUST check my website ( or ) for messages and updates on the reading schedule.  If you had a serious reason for not being able to keep up, please have a parent write a note.


Reading Number + Pages     Due Date                    Day Letter


  1. Pre-reading

assignment in Hamilton

pages 96-104                     November 30               C

  1. pages 3-33                   November 30               C        
  2. pages 35-66                 December 3                 D
  3. pages 67-100               December 5                 F
  4. pages 101-139             December 6                 B
  5. pages 140-167             December 10               C
  6. pages 168-202             December 11               D
  7. pages 203-237             December 13               F
  8. pages 238-267             December 14               A
  9. pages 268-313             December 18               C