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Ms. Gokturk

Questions for Orpheus and Eurydice (10 points)

Please read Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel re-telling of the Orpheus myth. Details and neatness count.

1.      Orpheus’ parents in this version are Morpheus, god of dreams, and Calliope, muse of epic poetry.  Describe Orpheus’ dream on the first page. How is important to the end?




2.      Who and what is Aristaeus? How does he change?




3.      Orpheus has a motley crew for a family. Describe how each look and how this presentation emphasizes each “title”:

a.       Aunt Teleute (Death)


b.       Aunt Aponoia (Unreason)


c.       Aunt Mania (Elevated Mood)


d.      Uncle Olethros (Destruction)


e.       Unlce-Aunt Epithumia (Strong Desire)


4.      Since Orpheus’ father will not help him get Eurydice back, what two characters dos and how?




5.      Describe two details from the Underworld that left the most impact.








6.      Describe the Bacchants.