Ms. Gokturk



Acting Out Like the Gods

Who Am I?


Review the sections in Hamilton, ďPalace of Olympus,Ē and Evslin that correspond to the god you were assigned.


YOUR TASK: Your goal is to reinforce our reading and make sure the class really canít ever forget the god.


Create a skit that illustrates your godís key personality traits and story (or stories) associated with him or her.Your skit should be written out on loose-leaf using the proper play format. Each member should write their own copy of the script to have while presenting, but you will only hand in one copy with all your names.



  • Give your skit a title and character list.
  • Provide a costume description for each character you use.
  • Show action, donít tell. Avoid the boring narrator technique.
  • Give each new speaker a new line, clearly label with the speaker:

Zeus: Be gone, woman! I am finished with you! (Throws a thunderbolt at Semele.)

Semele: Please, no! (She dodges the thunderbolt.) You are so mean!

  • Include stage directions. (In parentheses, italicized. Use punctuation.)
  • Show the class the action rather than tell through a boring old narrator!
  • Your skit should establish setting, character traits, and illustrate conflict presented in the readings.
  • There is room for creativity (and even modernization).
  • Have fun, but be appropriate and true to the text.



We will present your skits on ________.

Assign each group member a prop to bring/make to enhance your presentation. Think symbolsÖ