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Important Characters in The Odyssey

(Hamilton 211-229)

Please describe who (or what) each of the following is and how Odysseus either interacts with him/her/it. You may use a separate sheet of paper if you need more room.



Description. Describe the character and/or note how the character impacts the events.

  1. Cassandra



  1. Athena



How doe she play a part in the story and why?

  1. Poseidon



How does he play a part in the story and why?



  1. Ajax




  1. Odysseus




  1. Penelope




  1. Ithaca




  1. Calypso





  1. Proteus




  1. Telemachus




  1. Hermes




  1. Helen





  1. Menelaus




  1. Proteus




  1. Nausicaa




  1. Lotus Eaters




  1. Polyphemus




  1. King Aeolus




  1. The Laestrygonians



  1. Circe




  1. Tieresias




  1. Sirens




  1. Scylla and Charybdis



  1. Cattle of the Sun



  1. How does Odysseus get his home back?


  1. Consider how Odysseus fits the Hero’s Journey cycle.






  1. In medias res