Ms. Gokturk



Creating the Myth Poster


Working alone or with a partner, you chose three myths from the Big Myth Program to analyze. You should already have the following information for each myth:


  1. What was there before the world was created?
  2. How is the universe/world created? Provide specifics and names when possible.
  3. How is man created? Provide specifics and names when possible.
  4. Does the Transgression and Punishment motif appear? How?
  5. Does Evil and/or Death appear? How?
  6. Is there any type of renewal in the story? Explain.
  7. What does the story tell you about this culture? Consider characteristics (i.e., docile or warring), geography, religious beliefs, etc.


YOUR GOAL: compare and contrast the THREE creation myths and present your findings in an educational poster form.




There will be markers and construction paper available in class, but you might want to pre-print graphics or text.