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Mythology Course Description

As a student in this introductory mythology class, you will be introduced to some creation and flood myths from around the world, dissect beloved and unknown fairytales, and spend a great deal of time learning Greek and Roman myths.  You will leave the course familiar with the Greco-Roman gods, monsters, and heroes.   You will also be introduced to a sampling of noteworthy ancient plays, learn about the heroic sagas, and analyze modern interpretations.  


Course Materials



  1. Creation Myths: World Mythology
  2. Etiological Myths: These are stories that explain why something is the way it is. “Science” myths.
  3. Eschatological Myths: These stories address “the end” – the death of the individual, religious practices, cycles in nature, etc.
  4. Tales of Lovers
  5. Heroes
  6. Fairy Tales
  7. Mayan 2012 End Times
  8. Flood Myths: World Mythology