Ms. Gokturk



Multi-Genre Essay Assignment

For Euripides’ Medea and CS Lewis’ Till We Have Faces



YOUR TASK: Compare the two works of literature, Euripidestragic play, Medea, and CS Lewis’ novel, Till We Have Faces, and analyze them in order to write a comparative essay.  In your essay you must include information from both works and accurately analyze the nature of love.  Use evidence from both works to develop your controlling idea, and show how each author used specific literary elements or techniques to convey ideas.  Be sure to give equal time and analysis to each work.


Your essay will be graded like a Regents exam, on a scale of 1-6 [see rubric].  You will have one hour to complete the essay.



·        Use ideas from both works to establish a controlling idea about the nature of love as revealed in the literary works.

·        Use specific and relevant evidence from both passages to develop your controlling idea about the nature of love.

·        Show how each author uses specific literary elements (for example, theme, characterization, conflict, structure, point of view, setting, etc.) or techniques (for example, symbolism, irony, deus ex machina) to portray the nature of love.

·        AVOID plot summary, but instead, aim for specific evidence that supports your thesis.

·        Organize your ideas in a logical and coherent manner. USE PARAGRAPHS!

·        Use language that communicates ideas effectively.

·        Provide titles and authors + your thesis in the introduction.

·        Use PRESENT TENSE.

·        Follow the conventions of standard written English.


***You  may formulate your thesis and search for literary evidence ahead of time. You may bring one HAND WRITTEN “cheat sheet” index card to the essay test, but nothing else.