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First Impressions of Medea

In the prologos and parados, Euripides sets up a detailed portrait of Medea before she even steps onto the stage.   Find quotations from the Nurse, Tutor, Chorus, and/or the unseen Medea that support the character trait and write them here.  Please underline/highlight the quotes in your copy of the play.  Briefly explain (in the margins) the trait and details revealed in the quotes.


1.      Medea is unfortunate.




2.      Medea is completely desolate, inconsolable, and has a death wish.





3.      Medea has an uncontrollable temper and is vengeful.





4.      Medea is capable of taking out her fury on innocent bystanders.





5.      Medea, though a foreigner, has gained the respect of Corinth.






6.      Medea is the victim of a faithless husband.





7.      Medea sacrificed her family and country out of an overpowering love for Jason.