Little Red Riding Hood Comparison

Dr. Ashliman



Modern Version

Grimm Version

Italian Middle Ages Version

“Good Character”

Little Red Riding Hood Name & Description



What might she represent?






Warnings Given?

(Moral or otherwise)










“Evil Character”

Wolf Description (Characterization)

What might he represent?








Eating Theme: How does it appear? Examine this as a tale about gluttony. Discuss the many
references to food, drink, stomachs, going to bed without supper and
over-eating. Venture a theory about what the story is trying to tell us about this primary drive.






Modern Version

Grimm Version

Italian Middle Ages Version

Some theories read this as a Tale of Sexuality: Which textual details or language styles in
the various versions might support that sex is part of the subject matter here? Which versions are most forward or explicit in this regard? What message are we the readers to receive? Is the message different according to our gender?

How would you describe the roles played by females and males?





Woodsman: How & when does he appear?

What do you think he symbolizes/represents?









Other comments?