Ms. Gokturk



Jason and Medea


Read the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece (Hamilton 122-135). On a separate sheet of paper, answer with detail the following study questions.


  1. Why are the children going to be executed?
  2. How are they saved?
  3. What is significant about one sandal?
  4. What does Jason want from Pelias?
  5. Why does Pelias send him for the Golden Fleece?
  6. Describe each encounter Jason has on his journey.

·        Lemnos

·        Harpies

·        Winds

·        Clashing Rocks

·        Amazons

  1. Who is Medea?
  2. How does she help Jason?
  3. What does King Aetes want Jason to do to get the Golden Fleece?
  4. Describe Medea’s relationship with her father and brother.
  5. What does Jason when he returns home?
  6. How does Jason betray Medea?
  7. How does Medea get revenge?