Ms. Gokturk


Illustrating Heroes


The heroes Hercules, Perseus, and Theseus each fit the characteristics found in heroes:

1. The hero is usually a demi-god, or has a god in his family.

2. The hero has some kind of super-natural power or has the strong support of a god.

3. The hero is usually on a quest. He has a task or a challenge (or more than one) that an ordinary mortal could not carry out.

4. The hero is always seeking fame, glory and most important, honor. These are more important than life itself.

5. The hero is braver, stronger, bolder and some times cleverer than most men. He is close to the gods.

6. The hero usually has a weakness, usually too much pride or a terrible temper. This can lead to problems for him, and usually to his downfall.


YOUR TASK: Using the hero you were assigned, list answers for each of the following categories:


  1. What deities are in his family or support him?
  2. What are his strengths or powers?
  3. What quests and/or challenges does the hero embark undertake? (List the monsters or challenges)
  4. What are the hero’s weaknesses?


Now draw the hero, using the above material clearly labeled and illustrated around him.


God(s) Support & How (Explain)






(How it/they Cause Downfall)













(Illustrate Monsters/Quests: labeled clearly)