Ms. Gokturk



Hero Propaganda:

Creating Ads That Turn Heads



YOUR TASK:  Working alone or with a partner create TWO FULL PAGE ads.  One should be marketed to one of the heroes (Jason, Perseus, Theseus, and/or Hercules) and one should be marketed to a contemporary regular person.  Both should utilize propaganda techniques.


1.      Create a fictional product or service that a hero would use.  Imagine your company thinks there will be a lot of money to be made for something the hero would need.


2.      Create a fictional product or service that a modern day person would use.  Use persuasive techniques which utilize elements from one or more of the Hero Stories (Jason, Perseus, Thesues, and/or Hercules).  For example, a facial cream called Aphrodite.  A weather warning system called Zeus’ Thunderbolt.  Then you would use elements from the stories combined with propaganda techniques.


Your ads MUST include the following:

·        clearly “sell” your product or service.

·        Your product or service must be clear.

·        Utilize appropriate propaganda devices as discussed in class. (Bad names, glad names, testimonial, fear, etc.) 

·        Make sure it’s visually intriguing.  Pay attention to how words and graphics look together and be sure that it is legible.

·        Use correct grammar, capitalization, and spelling.

·        Each ad should be accompanied with a typed RATIONALE that

1.      identifies your product/service

2.      identifies the propaganda devices and how/why you used them