Mythology Final Project

(100 points + 25 points for Rationale)


THE TRUTH: Beyond the plays we read, we never really get a whole lot of characterization of the people we’ve met. Yet, these stories live on, thousands of years. Why? Because they are timeless and intrigue us, and we can see ourselves in them in some way.


YOUR TASK: Make a myth come to life with your interpretation. Choose ONE project option as the method to present your re-telling of a myth or synthesis of a re-occurring theme throughout the course. Please include a one page, single spaced rationale, which explores, in essay form, what you did, how you did it, why you did it: be sure to connect to the course materials. This is the “defense of your project.” Your project should strive to review the myth/s. You need to reflect on the story or stories and make it yours, while remaining faithful to the originals.


You will be given ample class time to work on project in class. The final piece should demonstrate real effort and thought. It should also be really cool so that we all enjoy it.


Will you

Work alone?


All options require a rational except the literary essay and research project.

Work with a partner?


Must write separate rationales; may be graded differently if not equal effort.


Work in a group?


All must write separate rationale; may be graded differently if not equal effort.




Best for SOLO:


Children’s Book / Graphic Novel


Literary Analysis Essay on Equus by Peter Schaeffer (1200 words)


Newspaper / Magazine (4 pages with one of each article type: 1 news (250 words), 1 profile (600 words), 1 editorial (350-500), 1 trend (800 words); polish


Illustrated Poetry or Song Portfolio (10+)


Research or Art History Presentation


Visual Art (painting, sculpture, photo exhibit; please ONLY for AP art types)


Fiction: Short Story or Play (about 1500 words or more)


Stop Motion


Plus see same options for larger group à

Best for Groups of 2-3:


Music Video (re-write lyrics or compose fresh)


Stop Motion Movie


Dance (story through dance and music)


Plus see same options for larger group


*videos should be polished and well edited. Be artistic. Give us something cool or funny.


Best for Groups of 3+:


Movie : re-tell a beloved myth


Documentary : select a topic and explore


Game Show


TV Show (Inspired)


News Program


*videos should be polished and well edited. Be artistic. Give us something cool or funny.



Idea Bank to Get You Started


Artsy: painting, sculpture

A and E Biography / TMZ / SNL

Mythological Fathers Stink

Dummies in Mythology

Mythology for Dummies

Multiple Versions


Artistic Rendering (photo, art, dance, music, etc.)

Mix up and Combine

Unlikely Encounters (mix and match)

Meet your Fate / This is Your Life

Game Show

Pawn Stars

HGTV: renovations, cooking, DIY

Super Heroes / Marvel isn’t just for Thor

Ballet / Modern Dance

Perspective from a character

Minor Character/s

Ancient Aliens

Crime Show / Law and Order

Real ___ of the Ancient World (monsters, housewives, fathers, etc.)

Interview with a/an _____.

Creation Myths

What’s Wrong with This Hero

Women in Mythology

Anachronism: mythological character/s acclimating to today like Enchanted


List of What We Covered

Creation Myths (Egyptian, Chinese, Genesis, Greek)

Prometheus (Creation of Man, Woman, Punishment)

Olympian Gods, Lesser Gods, Hades, Water Gods


Demeter/Persephone/Hades story

Orpheus and Eurydice

Venus and Adonis


Jason and Medea; Argonauts and Fleece

Pyramus and Thisbe

Echo and Narcissus

Pygmalion and Galatea

Ceyx and Alcyone


Adonis and Aphrodite

Cybele and Attis

Great Mothers

Pyramus and Thisbe / Ceyx and Alcyone / Baucis and Philomen / Narcissus and Echo

Cupid and Psyche

Trojan War (Causes of the War, Iliad, Odyssey)

Heroes Journey






King Midas

The Bacchae