Ms. Gokturk


Etiological Myth Assignment


So far, we have read about how the world was created, why peacocks have eyes on their tails, why hope exists, why there are seasons, and why man has technology over the animals. What do they all have in common? They’re etiological. Etiological stories help explain why something is the way it is.


Etiological stories also give us insight to the human condition.  We often learn how not to behave – don’t be too into yourself (Narcissus), too chatty (Echo), too proud, too rash (Minerva to Arachne), too confident (Phaeton), too one-track minded (Frog People in Leto’s story)… You get the idea.


YOUR TASK: Write an etiological myth (a story that explains why something is the way it is). Remember that a myth involves some supernatural element!


1st: Choose to explain why a natural object exists or why a natural phenomenon occurs using some supernatural explanation. No scientists, please!


2nd: Be sure to incorporate some psychology into it. Illustrate some human character flaw.


3rd: Name  your characters and gods/goddesses


4th:  Have a clear storyline/plot. The conflict is developed and resolved by using characters.


GUIDELINES: There is no maximum length, but your story must be long enough to

·        develop the characters’ traits

·        provide conflict & resolution

·        give the read a “Oh! So that’s why ________ exists!” moment

·        reveal a warning about a human behavior we should avoid


FORMAT: Please single space your story. Use paragraphs, please, and dialogue is always nice.  Submit a copy for grading at [Class ID 2661115 and PW surfturk]; please print  a copy to class to use for another assignment.