Ms. Gokturk


My Creation Myth

Project #1


So far, you have been introduced to several creation stories. What do they all have in common? They have many similarities -- the stories


·        usually have some depiction of pre-creation or chaos

·        a creator(s)

·        time is often defined

·        a physical world formed

·        human beings are created


Each story, however, gives us some insight about the culture from which it sprang. For example:


YOUR TASK: Write your own creation story. Keep the common elements so it resembles a creation story, but be creative in your approach. You should


1) has a storyline, plot. The conflict is developed and resolved by using characters.

2) the story must break normal limits [typically gods + heroes experience things beyond human limits]


There is no maximum length, but your story must be long enough to develop the characters’ traits, provide conflict, and the resolution should provide the reader with an etiology (“Oh! So that’s how that came to be!”)