Ms. Gokturk


My Creation Myth

Project #1 Continued


Now you have written your creation story, so it’s time to “illustrate” and “animate” it.


YOUR TASK: Use PowerPoint to illustrate and animate your tale of creation.

Be consistent with your character(s) and setting in order for it to make sense as a narrative. [See the sample.] You will have two class periods to complete the animation.




Be sure that your story includes

·        a clear “BEFORE CREATION” (some depiction of pre-creation or chaos)

·        a creator(s) [include name(s)]

·        time is defined

·        a physical world is formed [show it!]

·        human beings are created

·        an idea that reveals something about our culture. In other words, choose at least one focal point and use characters/deities to illustrate your point. [You might explore why humans pollute, or why humans are so competitive, or why Paris Hilton is so famous, or our fast food nation…]

·        * you might include a “punishment for mankind” element that explains why humans suffer and die.

1) has a storyline, plot. The conflict is developed and resolved by using characters.

2) the story must break normal limits [typically gods + heroes experience things beyond human limits]





There is no maximum length, but your story must be long enough to develop the characters’ traits, provide conflict, and the resolution should provide the reader with an etiology (“Oh! So that’s how that came to be!”)