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Mythology Course Description


As a student in this introductory mythology class, you will be introduced to some creation and/or flood myths from around the world, dissect beloved and unknown fairytales, and spend a great deal of time learning Greek and Roman myths.  You will leave the course familiar with the Greco-Roman gods, monsters, and heroes.   You will also be introduced to a sampling of noteworthy ancient plays, learn about the heroic sagas, and analyze some modern interpretations.  



Course Materials




  1. World Mythology: Cosmological Myths (Creation): Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek Creation
  2. Archetypes / Jung / Great Mother Goddesses
  3. Who’s Who in Greek Mythology? Olympians, Earth, Water, Lesser, Hades
  4. Etiological Myths: These are stories that explain why something is the way it is. “Science” myths.
  5. Eschatological Myths: These stories address “the end” – the death of the individual, religious practices, cycles in nature, etc. Hades
  6. Heroes / Hero’s Journey / the great epics
  7. Tales of Lovers and Flowers  
  8. Fairy Tales & Other Magical Tales



What Will We Do in Mythology?


Learn all the Greek myths plus more!

How Will We Learn All That?!

The readings in this class are much shorter than your previous English classes; however, they are dense. There is no way to retain it other than following the steps:


Read + Write + Internalize (creative project) + Review + Study à Unit Test

I will provide you with study guides to fill in while you read. This will help you amass the details. There are many names and plotlines to retain, and you will complete varied creative project to help you review and commit them to memory.


After that, you will present and listen to others to help you review before you study for the tests.


This semester we will select from the following menu of Creative Project Options: