Ms. Gokturk


Cinderella Around the World


In your group, read out loud the Cinderella version you were given. Then, contrast it with Perrault’s version (also known as the Disney version you know from childhood).


  1. What is the name of your story?
  2. What culture is it from?
  3. Explain the characters. Do the same characters exist in this story? Are there variations? Are there omissions or additions?  For each character we know, explain what appears in your tale. How, if at all, does the character differ from the Perrault /Disney version?
    1. Father/widower
    2. Stepmother
    3. Stepsisters
    4. Cinderella
    5. Fairy godmother
    6. Objects changed into magical things
    7. Helpers
    8. Prince
  4. Consider the events in the Cinderella story we all know. How are the events similar or varied in your tale?
    1. Death of mother
    2. Unfair chores
    3. The ball
    4. Changing from rags to riches until midnight
    5. Loss of the glass slipper
    6. Prince’s search for the owner of the shoe
    7. Marriage and happily ever after
  5. What does your story reveal about the culture from which it originated? In other words, what can you tell about this world’s customs/beliefs?