Same Story, Different Angle?

Directions: You have been assembled into groups. Your group will have several different newspapers. You may work together in investigating the answers. PLEASE ANSWER IN COMPLETE SENTENCES. BE SPECIFIC and ELABORATE. You may use this sheet or loose-leaf to answer the questions.

1. Examine the front page of your newspapers. How are they similar? Be specific.





2. How do the front pages differ?





3. Explain in detail how the coverage differs? BE SPECIFIC! (In other words, how does the order of events relayed, the language, the style, etc. differ?)




4. Use the news story checklist you were given. Test the papers. Do the newspapers all follow the news story format? How or how not?




5. Read through the newspapers. Explain at least five differences you note. (Be specific and use page numbers so you can refer to them when your group presents.)




6. Find the most compelling photograph in each newspaper.

a) What does the photo show?





b) What does the photo "tell" (the less obvious)?




7. How do you feel about the media’s coverage of today’s main story? PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR ANSWER IN DETAIL.