How to Write a Review

This formula can be used for a play, a concert, or a movie. It can also be slightly altered for a book or television episode.

The purpose of a review is to make your point of view known. You hold the power to make or break whether or not others will spend the time and money to see a performance. YOU MUST CONVINCE PEOPLE of your valid point by covering all the bases as demonstrated in the following format. You may opt to write more than 4 paragraphs; simply organize your review along these lines.

Part One: (Introduction) Describe your overall opinion of the production. Be sure to name the creators of the show (author, composer, etc.),name of the theater or concert hall, and the name of the production. Basically, this paragraph also states whether or not you like the show and IN GENERAL TERMS what was good or bad about it.***

***Some productions might have an important element that should be included in the first paragraph. For example, the Broadway production was known for its multi-million dollar set which did not work opening night. Or, the musical, Sunset Boulevard, was known for its $2 million set. Etc.


PART or paragraph Two:(Plot/events summary) Briefly describe the plot in order to get someone interested, just as a movie rental box or book jacket might appeal to you. DO NOT EVER GIVE AWAY THE ENDING!!!! Imagine if someone told you the ending to Sixth will be less likely interested in going to see it the first time if you already know what the twist is. NEVER GIVE AWAY the ending...


PART or paragraph Three:(best/worst scene/aspect) Give your opinion of the acting/performance and production/directing. Name the actors/performers and director. Be sure to give good as well as bad points. Be clever. For instance, if you thought the movie Titanic was awful, you could say the worst part was how long it was, but the best part was you knew from the get-go it was going to sink. Or, if you loved something about a movie and can't find anything bad to say, point out how the worst part was that the movie had to end... Be clever.


PART or Paragraph Four(Conclusion) After discussing some of the physical production, such as special effects, costuming, editing, etc., you should conclude your review with any final thoughts on the production as a whole. To WHOM would you recommend this? (What age group?)



Movies/TV: Mention famous directors, producers, actors, give basic plot summary, describe best/worst scene.

Music/Theater: Band members' names, set design, lights, sound, comparison to previous works, best/worst songs, remakes, length of show, type of crowd, cost of CD, and overall rating.

Books: Style of writing, audience, previous works, publisher, cost, plot summary, best/worst scene, and overall opinion.