Ms. Gokturk


Researching for the In-Depth Story:

Where Do I Start?


Before you dive into survey making, interviewing, and writing, it’s a good idea for you to know your stuff. You are a fortunate journalist who has the world at your fingertips – databases, print sources, the Internet!


YOUR TASK: Write a 750-1000 word research paper that uses the sub-topics you identified as headings. The goal of your research is to condense the topic’s key important pints/history/perspectives into a manageable, bite size nugget, which will serve as the backbone to your trends feature.


GUIDELINES:  This paper is PURE fact. There is none of your opinion and certainly no use of the personal pronoun “I.” If your paper is controversial, present all sides of the argument.


SOURCES: Use at least three reputable sources, including at least one database and one Internet source.


CITING:  Cite all information both in the body and in a bibliography (you may use

1. once in the body of your mini-research paper using parenthetical citation: Either use the author’s name in parantheses after the information (direct quote OR paraphrase) OR “According to _____” within the body of the paper.


2. and also cite your sources in a bibliography, alphabetically:

Author Last name, First name. “Name of article.” Name of Source/Website. <address>. Date of download.


Use quotation marks for direct quotes or paraphrase. In either case, use the following formats:


PARAPHRASE: According to Gil Ferro of Newsday (April 12, 2005), many girls use starvation as a means to have some control.


DIRECT QUOTE: According to Gil Ferro of Newsday (April 12, 2005), “One in three girls will admit that they use starvation to gain control in their life.”


PARANTHETICAL CITATION: Many girls use starvation to gain control (Newsday, April 12, 2005).