Ms. Gokturk



Propaganda for a Good Cause:

Creating Ads That Turn Heads


Propaganda can be used for more than selling goods.  Propaganda can help raise awareness or encourage activism.  After having reviewed some persuasive techniques used in advertising, it’s now your turn!   You will create a public service advertisement to be printed in the magazine spread with your final layout.


YOUR TASK:  Make the world a better place.  Choose a position within your topic to persuade the audience to join your cause and change the world.


Your ad MUST include the following:


·        clearly “sell” your cause. Make sure that you are persuading people to not only believe what you are conveying, but also be moved to act.

·        should utilize appropriate propaganda devices as discussed in class. (Bad names, glad names, testimonial, fear, etc.) 

·        should be visually intriguing.  Pay attention to how words and graphics look together and be sure that it is readable.

·        Include a contact number, website, phone number and/or address so that people know where to go to join your cause.  You may invent the contact or use a real world one.

·        Include a graphic. You may use your own photographs, draw it, concoct it collage style from magazine photos, or find suitable graphics from the Internet.

·        Use correct grammar, capitalization, and spelling.

·        Your final ad should be accompanied with a typed RATIONALE that

1.      identifies your cause

2.      explains why the cause is important to you

3.      details what you did in each ad and why. Be sure to identify the devices you used.