Love In Full Bloom

Corny, Sickening, Romantic, and Utterly Beautiful.


            When you first meet Jolie you think that she's a regular girl, nothing extraordinary going on, as with most people.  Then around the corner comes Gina, and suddenly there's a glitter in Jolie's eye, and to be cliché, a spring in her step.  They meet for a dopey smile and a 'hello' kiss.  If it wasn't apparent before, it is now, Jolie's a girl in love.

             Or perhaps not.  Love is such a demeaning word for what she and Gina have.  Jolie's eloquent explanation of their relationship is nothing less than extraordinary, "We meet in the same place. And it's a beautiful wonderful place. And I don't really see any end to it...It's sort of a infinite thing. It's hard to say that to people, cause a lot of people don't fully get that."  If that doesn't strike a chord than nothing can. 

            To start at the very beginning, deep down Jolie always knew in her subconscious that she didn’t particularly like boys all that much.  Her first crush being on her 2nd grade, female, teacher.  Admitting to herself that she felt like that was a long way off.  Throughout her entire childhood she acted more male than female, cross-dressing, as kids will do, and being as much a tomboy as possible.  Comments that she was pretty were always met with as much disdain as a child could muster.  Within the past two years, which is a long time for a high school student, Jolie has managed to come to terms with herself and find out who she really is.  She had a boyfriend, who “thought he was in love” with her, but after serious soul-searching Jolie finally realized what it was that was the missing piece of herself.  After the revelation of sorts, she would strive to accept, and be accepted, in a world that was not as understanding as it is made out to be.  However, when asked, the only problems she encountered, as she put it, were “only the ones within myself... the whole process is really that of self discovery.  It’s jumping over your own hurdles because you can't run into them anymore.”  

            After settling into her new way of life she went on a “girl binge” as she puts it.  It was just seen as being a little closer with some friends, and even if it was a considerable amount of girls, Jolie doesn’t see it as being ‘slutty’ in the least, she describes her self at that time of her life as, “pro-love”.  Then something happened to change all that.  While playing on the volleyball team, she met Gina.  It was an immediate connection.  They spoke of anything they could think of and more often than not would end up laughing so hard that Jolie’s “entire body would hurt”.  When she realized that Gina was all she wanted she resolved to pursue her desire for a relationship single-mindedly.  She gave up her old lifestyle of “girl binging” and focused on Gina alone.  From there, it’s high school teenage romance history.  The initial feelings grew and grew and blossomed into a rare love, hardly seen in high school.

Usually with a love like this you would hear about all sorts of hardships and prejudice that they had to overcome and get through.  Interestingly enough, there were hardly any.  Even when there are problems, Jolie's defensive technique is to forget it, she doesn't even like bringing it up.  It "brings her down", so she instantly dismisses it and goes back to her own personal heaven in Gina's arms.  All that is needed to cure Jolie of anything is ten minutes with Gina.   "Time with her cures all" as Jolie puts it.

Individually Jolie and Gina are intelligent and as eloquent as possible.  But when together, or concerning the other, they continue to out-do each other in their expressions of love.  When asked about their feelings for each other it is almost hard to follow at times.  They speak without moving their lips and understand each other without having to voice a thought.  Seeing them together is reminiscent of being born, your eyes are opened onto a whole new world that was never thought possible.  However that world is full, with no room for anyone else, encouraging onlookers to go find their own world.  They are the quintessential couple, giving other, even heterosexual couples, something to strive to be. 

            They are completely comfortable with each other.  Their fights are not so much as fights as 'lover's quarrels'.  When they disagree about something, which happens often due to their conversations about everything and anything, they talk about it and express themselves to the point where, if they still don't agree, they see each other's view of the subject and let it lie.

            Even Gina's impending trip to college doesn't weaken Jolie's resolve to have "the time and space and freedom to do and try everything with her." College is just seen as another aspect of their ever-changing, but always together, lives.  Jolie doesn't see it as an obstacle but more as a chance to have more fun.  It isn’t even frightening at all, the trust they have in each other is amazing.  They don’t see challenges or obstacles anymore.  Nothing is impossible because they can do anything together.  As Jolie puts it, “Gina + Jolie (anytime anywhere)=something good”. 

            When asked if they had a song, Jolie's response was, "No, we have songs." After more questioning their songs turned out to be, "all the love songs ever written."  One look at the two of them together, is proof of that fact.  An excerpt from Gina's blog (online journal) reads, "to my White Stripes girl, my perfect story, reason for getting kicked out of the library, my big picture, gravity, spherical mirrors, poetry on night time beach rocks, revolution, reassurance, my bedtime and x-mas lights, to love."  If you can find a more perfect example of love, come find me, and I will prove you wrong.