HW # 17

Play Criteria


Use the same format as the book review, making the obvious substitutions.

The following outline offers the basic elements that should be found in any good play review and will help you as you as you look for things to note during the play. HOLD ON TO THE PLAYBILL! It has lots of info! Not all of the elements listed below may be applicable to all plays, however, these criteria provide a general overview for all components that should be included in a basic play review.

___Name of play being reviewed

___Location of theater where play was seen

___Date of when play was reviewed

___Intended Audience (Children, Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults)

___Type of Play


___Opening Date

___Name of producer

___Length of Play

___Actors/Actresses in Play

___Are the characters in the play easy to understand?

___Rate Acting/Music

___Admission charge into play

___Crowded? (Do you need to buy your tickets early?)

___Write a brief summary of the plot...but do not spoil the ending!

___Is the play easy to follow?

___Compare to other plays

___Director (What other plays has this director done?)

___Overall rating