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Absence Policy & Contract

Being a Responsible Student


Absences happen for a variety of reasons. Please try your very hardest to avoid being absent on important days (i.e., peer editing days, presentation days, due days, etc.). You will make your life more difficult and potentially inconvenience those around you. lease do not abuse the sign-in/sign-out policies or being absent in order to avoid due dates. f you have more than 4 absences (per quarter) which you did not make up work/time, you will receive an F* for the quarter. Three or more cuts per semester is also an F. If you are absent, please understand that it is YOUR responsibility to:


o        Check (or for in-class assignments, journal entries, readings, due dates, quiz assignments, handouts, and sometimes even topics or notes covered. Most readings and/or handouts will already be in your possession or available on my web site. You should only need to ask me for Xeroxed packets that are not available online.

o        Contact a friend from the class to find out what you missed; be sure to get the class notes for that day. Don’t forget that your notebook will be graded! All class days are reviewed and absences do not create an exemption. Journal entries are posted on the website.

o        Keep up with due dates. Unless you are truly ill or there is a family emergency, you are expected to be prepared for class as best as is possible. Please do not adopt an “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy – it only hurts your progress.

o        Utilize the Handout System. All handouts (even if available online) will be put on the classroom door folder labeled: “Ms. Gokturk’s Absent Student Handouts.” A friend, sibling or parent can pick up the handout/s with your name. Otherwise, first thing upon your return (that means before class), please pick up the handout/s.

o        Make up the work you missed within two days of your return unless we have made other arrangements. At minimum, this will include any or all of the following: reading quiz, journal entry, getting the class notes, completing group work (by yourself – you will choose one task from the assignment unless otherwise noted), and/or other directives found online.

o       NOT expect one-on-one time during class time. Please don’t come to class after an absence and expect me to take time away from the class to tell you what you missed, give you packets, or explain concepts. This takes away time from the whole class instruction and should be completed on your own time. “I was absent last class -- what did I miss?” is a statement you should first ask a peer. If you need further information or materials, see me during period 4-2 (resource), before school, or make an appointment with me for another time. Please make a genuine effort to find out what you missed BEFORE THE NEXT CLASS MEETS.

o       Schedule make up time for the class missed if you have more than four absences for the marking period. [If you cut a class, you will receive a zero for the quiz, class work, and participation for that day. You may not make this up. FYI: Three cuts = F for the marking period.] Make up time involves completing additional assignments (beyond what the class already did), so please avoid excessive absences! It creates more work for everyone. If you are suffering from a medical problem, you should inquire with your grade AP or guidance counselor about Home Instruction.

o       Make up the quiz! Was there a reading quiz? All quizzes will be on my desk in a folder labeled: “Ms. G’s Make Up Quizzes.” You have TWO school days to make it up from the time you return – during your OWN time. You do not make up the quiz in class. After all, it is expected that you are up to date with the class and should be taking whatever quiz is scheduled that day for the class! If the missed quiz has not been made up within the two allotted days, it will be marked as zero in the grade book. This is non-negotiable. You may take the quiz at my desk (if I am not there) practicing the honor system, and leave it face down when it is completed.

o       Keep up to date with the readings as best you can under the circumstances of your absence. You are still responsible for the reading assignments when you return. Most readings are assigned in bulk and/or are posted at or It is highly recommended that you keep up with the readings as best you can. One absence can cause a domino effect of stress as you will still be responsible for readings (with the rest of the class) that follow*.

o        Touch base with me! If I am away from my desk during the times listed above when you come by for help, to schedule make-up time, or to pick up additional materials not available online or in the door materials, please be sure to leave a note to indicate that you made a good faith effort to take care of your responsibilities.


Please read, share with your parent/s, and sign:

I have read and understood this policy:




* Of course, if you are ill or there is a family emergency, an exception will be made!