What’s Most Important in a News Story?


You were fast on your journalist feet yesterday. You got to the scene of an accident on the corner of Port Blvd. and Campus Drive quickly to fulfill your homework assignment, not knowing what to expect. Look over the facts you acquired on scene and organize the pieces in the order best suited for a hard news story. Remember the elements of what makes something newsworthy. Remember: what is most important? Order the facts!


_____ Brian Kuttner was found laughing under Jocie Klemes’ vehicle.

_____ Brian Kuttner was on his way to get cream cheese from Dairy Barn for a bagel party later that day in journalism class.

_____ It was Friday morning.

____ Lea Wersan and Jocie Klemes were driving down Port Washington Boulevard after having purchased breakfast from Starbucks.

_____ Lea Wersan spilled hot coffee on driver, Jocie Klemes. “I screamed,

That coffee is hot!’” Klemes exclaimed.

____ Klemes’s car careened out of control, hitting Brian Kuttner. “When I looked down, Lea’s Starbucks’ thermos coffee cup rolled under the brake pedal and I couldn’t stop. I was burned and the car couldn’t stop. In a way, Brian stopped the car, but there might have been less damage if the car had hit a wall.”

____ Brian Brian Kuttner was pinned under the vehicle.

____ Witnesses said Kuttner maintained good spirits and joked with EMTs and firefighters who arrived on the scene. “We thought it was worse,” firefighter Jim Katz said. “Usually injuries are a lot worse in this type of accident. He was really lucky.”

____ Crossing guard Tupac Shakur tried to stop the out of control car, but had to dive into the arms of witnesses to dodge Klemes’ vehicle.

____ Paramedics arrived within 2 minutes. “We’ve never seen such a happy victim,” Jon Hannah said.

___ Lea Wersan, a Schreiber student, noted that the intersection is usually congested. “I bet it wouldn’t have happened like it did had been earlier and no one was around.”

___ Hannah Kim, a Schreiber student, was walking nearby. “I thought he was a goner,” she said. “But then I noticed he was joking around with everyone. It was funny.”

____ Underclassmen who witnessed the accident were given five days of detention by Mr. Lewis for being off school grounds, after police identified them as witnesses.

____ “I always forget the cream cheese,” Brian Kuttner said to the police. “Cream cheese is my bad luck charm.”

____ Brian Kuttner is a senior. He wants to be an English teacher one day.

____ “It was an accident,” Wersan said. “I hope Brian doesn’t think I caused it on purpose.”

____ Mr. Lewis noted that seniors tend to not pay attention during their second semester.

____ Wersan was worried that her coffee error cost Brian Kuttner his legs.

___ Brian Kuttner was upset to miss the bagel party where he planned to do a skit with Harry Jung.

___ Kalsom Kam, a junior, said, “It was crazy! I never thought someone could be pinned under a car without dying.”

___ Klemes had just received her driver’s license.

___ Brian Kuttner suffered no injuries. “I play football and workout, so I am as strong as a horse,” he said.

___ Five bystanders were able to jack up the vehicle so the emergency workers could free the teen.

___ Klemes’s vehicle was not damaged except for a large coffee stain on the driver’s seat and a Kuttner shaped dent.

___ “Next time, I’ll ask my mom to buy th cream cheese for me,” Brian Kuttner said.