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Checklist for News Stories


  _______ Does the story have a catchy headline that informs the reader what the story is about?


_______ Does the headline contain a verb and subject? (In other words, is there an action that happened to someone or something?)


_______ Does the story begin with the news story lead?


______ Is the news lead organized from most important to least important?


_______ Does the story go from most important to the least important? (Inverted Pyramid Format)


_______  Does each paragraph develop a detail?


_______ Have quotes been used or paraphrased?


_______ Are the paragraphs no longer than 60 words?


_______ Is the whole story less than approximately 600 words?


 _______ Is the story written objectively (no bias)?


 _______ Is the use of the personal pronoun eliminated? (No "I" or "we")


 _______ Is the writing concise, omitting all padding (extra words)?


 _______ Is the spelling and punctuation correct?


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