AIM: How can we write an "hard" news story?

A "hard" news story is an unbiased story that relies strictly on presenting the facts, and nothing but the facts. In order to write a strictly fact-based story, you need to interview sources and sometimes do book-learnin' research. For our purposes today, contemplate the type of questions you must ask and to whom...

Imagine you are on site at the following scene:

With whom will you want to speak? (Who should be interviewed to get the story?)

What types of questions should you be asking?

Where should you, the reporter, place yourself?

When should you be asking questions?

Why is this story important? (List newsworthy elements this story covers.)

How will you get the best information? (Think of tactics.)
















REVIEW NEWS ELEMENTS: What makes something newsworthy? Nearness, Timeliness, Importance, Names, Drama or Conflict, Variety, Human Interest, Humor