Lab Grade : Your attentiveness to your work while in the lab is important not only for you, but it  also helps create (or detract from) a learning environment. Because many of you seem to not understand this concept, you will receive a lab grade every day we are in the lab. This grade is non-negotiable. This will make up 15% of your final grade, under “class participation.”


4 A

Is prepared for class (has HW completed, work available on screen)

Is attentive and on-task

Always listens attentively to teacher directions/instructions

Never interrupts other speakers

Never causes distractions

Maintains focus to task at hand

Works diligently and quietly

Stays in work area

Completes all the expected work for this period

With all of the above habits, helps make the lab a writing and learning place

Lab time used effectively

3 B

Is prepared for class (has HW completed, work available on screen)

Is mostly attentive and on-task

Usually listens attentively to teacher directions/instructions

Generally avoids interrupting

Never causes distractions

Completes most of the work expected during the period

Usually working with some minor distractions

Mostly aids in making the lab a learning and writing place

Lab time mostly used effectively

2 C

Is mostly prepared for class (partial materials avaible)

May not be consistently attentive and/or on task

Listening may be irregular

Interrupts conferences/instruction repeatedly

May speak out of turn/shouts across room

May cause distractions on occasion

Reluctantly completes tasks

May socialize and be disruptive; may move around room

Completes very little

May be unresponsive to prompting

Lab time could have been used more effectively

0-1 D-F

Unprepared for class

Inattentive and/or disinterested

Damaging to class environment; rude and/or loud behavior or comments

May interrupt or avoid discussions/conferences/instruction

Completes very little or nothing; inattentive to the task at hand

Does something unrelated (Internet surfing, web games, HW for another class, socializing)

Neglects to get on task, even when prompted (unresponsive to prompting)

Sees lab time as play time or nap time; lab time wasted