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This is an introductory course to journalistic writing. Students will be introduced to the different writing “formulas” throughout the term, be asked to generate topics of personal interest, research, interview, write and publish their work using a desk top publishing program. Students will also be required to complete outside reading for the course.


Course Units

1.   Journalism Basics: History, Ethics, Laws

Research an aspect of the history of journalism

Produce: a handout for the class / presentation


2.   News

Read and Dissect: News stories

Produce: news stories witnessed events, clip file


3.   Features

Read and Dissect: Newspaper and Magazine Features

Produce: 1 student profile piece with interview notes, 1 Newsweek “My Turn” (personal experience story), magazine layout, clip file


4.   Editorials & Op-Eds

Read and Dissect: Newspaper Editorials and Op-Eds

Produce: 1 group editorial, 1 personal op-ed opinion column, newspaper section layout, clip file


5.   Reviews

Read and Dissect: Food Reviews, Movies Reviews, Book Reviews

Produce: 1 food review, 1 other review of your choice, clip file


6.   Investigative Reporting: Trends Feature

Produce: 1 research paper with citations, 1 survey, 1 survey implications paper, conduct local interviews, propaganda, 1 in-depth trend feature, presentation (layout or video), clip file