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You Wonít K now If You Donít Ask


As you watch the short video on interviewing tips, please answer the following questions.


1. What can you do to prepare for an interview?






2. What are some of the techniques the reporter suggests you can employ to make your subject feel comfortable? Name at least 3 techniques.

††††††††† 1.



††††††††† 2.




††††††††† 3.



3. What did the reporter do when his story was foiled by Mr. T? Why is this important to keep in mind as a reporter?






4. How did the reporter get the traumatized brother to speak to him?






5. What do you think about the reporter approaching this grieving family for a story? In other words, do you think this is ethical? Good journalism?







6. What are the three fundamentals you should follow when interviewing?







7. What did you think of the narratorís fashion statement?