In-Depth Report / Trends Feature Timeline


The following is the basic timeline for your big project.  You should frequently to see actual due dates.  Each assignment will be explained in detail as we begin.  If you are absent, please understand that you are still responsible for all parts.  All handouts will be available online and/or on B17’s door (for absentees).


Week 1-2


Topic Selection & Research

  1. Question Log: question your world and observe trends
  2. Pick a topic
  3. Find 10 “Fun Facts”
  4. Define 4-6 subtopic categories
  5. Research: must vary sources; include at least 3 (Internet, Print, Reference, and Database Journals)
  6. Write research paper

Week 2-3


The Survey

  1. Create 10-20 question survey (no more than 2 qualitative questions)
  2. Administer Survey
  3. Tally Survey / Create 2 Graphs/ Write Implications Paper: compare survey results to research.
  4. Create propaganda ads: must be public service to make a better world! Not product sales.

Week 3-4



  1. Interview in-depth 5 or more students impacted by topic
  2. Interview at least 2 authority sources
  3. Get sound bytes for feature (from survey or be Roving Reporter)
  4. Add interviews to “research shell”

Week 4-5


Assembling the Presentation

  1. Complete sidebar story
  2. Polish and revise feature
  3. Create Layout of magazine section or work on television production. Must include:
    1. Survey results / 2 graphs/charts
    2. interviews
    3. graphics
    4. side bar story / interest box
    5. topic headers