Ms. Gokturk


Researching for the In-Depth Story:

Where Do I Start?

You have chosen a topic of interest. Before you dive into survey making, interviewing, and writing, it’s a good idea for you to know your stuff. You are a fortunate journalist who has the world at your fingertips – the Internet.

YOUR TASK: Find three "good" articles from three different sources (see below what constitutes a "source") and read them. On a separate sheet of paper, please

1) print the article.

2) cite the article (author last name, first name. "Name of article." Name of Source. <address>.

3) summarize the article: give a paragraph description of the article that gives enough detail for a person to understand the content.

4) write a reader response paragraph. This is where you include any emotional responses or intellectual thoughts you have on the topic, especially in regard to your topic.


Your response should focus in points like:


Vary your sources, please. You should have three different sources…