Ms. Gokturk


Implications for the In-depth Feature


What’s Next? Implications of the Survey


Now what?


I. Write an Introduction. Ask yourself the following questions and respond to them in one-three well organized paragraphs: Was I surprised by the survey results in comparison to my research? Why or why not? What trend(s) do I see at Schreiber? How does this compare to the facts I found for my shell? What is important about my findings that would be interesting for others to read about?


II. Next, save a copy of your survey in your document. Keeping your numbered questions, delete your answers and respond to each with narrative which describes your results from your survey. You are allowed to include your opinion in your analysis. You may also refer back to your research facts to compare/contrast.


1.      For the QUANTITATIVE questions, include your numerical results in the narrative. Also ILLUSTRATE graphically:

·        Pie chart

·        Table

·        Percentages

·        Graph



2.      For your QUALITATIVE questions, please type out the appropriate statements from your surveys and label with name/age/gender/grade where applicable. Analyze values, comments using your opinion.