Ms. Gokturk


Editorial/Op-Ed Pre-Writing Worksheet

Our Opinion Can Change the World!


††††††††††† You should fill out this worksheet BEFORE beginning your editorial. Have Ms. G approve it. (30 points: fill in with detail and effort.)

††††††††††† Note: Pointing out whatís wrong is easier than contributing to a problemís solution Ė and a good editorialís concern should be to better a situation, not bludgeon it. Remember, also, no matter what your purpose or topic, an editorial is no place to indulge in personal attacks. Be smart! Donít whine or gripe Ė use your energy to convince!


1. Referring to your extended feature, what is the problem/issue that our entire student body faces today?





2. What is yourview/position on the problem or situation?






3. What would you like to achieve with your editorial/op-ed piece? (What is the desired result?)






4. How will you persuade your audience to adopt your viewpoint as theirs? List at least 4 persuasive points.







5. How will you arouse your readership to action in your conclusion? In other words, what will your readers do or want to do?





6. How will your piece serve a public purpose? Explain.