Ms. Gokturk


The In-Depth Trends Piece

Final Project


Consider the following phrases. How would you fill them in?


·         ____________ is really important to me. Other people feel and think ______________ about it.

·         People really ought to do something about ______________.

·         People need to know that ________________ is happening all around us.

·         At Schreiber, _______________needs attention.

·         In my community (neighborhood, Schreiber, Port, etc.), ________ needs to change.


Observe your world. Think about something that interests you, annoys you, or troubles you. Pinpoint a trend you have noticed.




Your mission is to find a topic of importance to you and expose it to the rest of us.



Your final project is comprised of many parts. Your long feature will not only reveal the truth, but it will make us feel something by unveiling these truths. What will we do? Change? (For example, your exposé might reveal Schreiber’s student alcohol abuse problem. Will your readers think twice about their own drinking? Will another student join SADD? Will a parent speak to their child? Or, if your exposé is about the crisis in the Middle East, will your readership be more sensitive towards Muslims?)



You will receive multiple grades: homework, class work, progress, and timeliness.


Your piece will be collected in stages for HW and CW credit. You will lose points for handing in parts late, or parts may not be accepted at all for HW or CW credit. The final, polished presentation will be collected and presented in the days shortly before the term ends.




  1. Your exposé will be put together to look like a magazine or newspaper insert.
  2. If you have video production experience, you may opt to incorporate all elements into a documentary style or news magazine video production.
  3. If you have web page building experience, you may opt to publish your trends piece in an online publication.





Your feature is in-depth report must contain the various elements of an IN-DEPTH story and follow the guidelines provided. Here is the checklist. Please check off each element as you complete it. You will be required to submit each part at deadlines provided on the website.

Ø    Topic Choice + Fascinating Facts. (40 points) Write a paragraph proposal that define the topic. Your topic must be approved before commencing the project. Fascinating Facts. Using the Internet, find out TEN facts about your topic. Write them down and use MLA citing to attribute your sources. (2 points for each fact + 2 points for each correctly formatted citation for each. See for a no-brainer easy A.

Ø    Research Paper. (100 points) About 1000 words. You will need to define at least five subtopics and research the basics. Identify five subtopics. Most projects will cover some or all of the following: Background/History, Statistics, Present Status, In the News, etc.]

o       This research paper (complete with sub category headers) will serve as your spine for your entire story. You will have to cite all your sources. Copying and pasting is never an option. You will synthesize into your own words. Consult at LEAST four sources for your research. Be sure to cite WITHIN the paper. According to Tony the Tiger, “They’re great!” Or, the USDA cites “twenty percent of food allergies can be prevented with labeling.”

o       Must also have a WORKS CITED page AKA a bibliography. See for a no-brainer easy A. One point will be deducted for every bibliography error.

Ø    Survey. (100 points) Create a survey that is 10-20 questions and no more than 2 pages. These surveys will be distributed to 75 Schreiber students (by you) to aid you in your research. You must have both qualitative and quantitative questions in your survey. Be sure to get “soundbytes” from those surveyed. These are one liner responses that you can include in your feature.

Ø    Implications Paper (100 points)

§        Tally and Chart results. Count up responses and write a narrative. Use Excel to make charts, graphs, etc. Use the charts to illustrate your analysis. Write a reaction to your survey results. Don’t use “I.” Refer to your original research and compare that to Schreiber’s results. Reveal your opinion!

Ø    Interviews. (100 points) Interview TWO authority sources and THREE students to quote within your feature. Theses are not simply one quote from each. Be prepared to ask insightful and interesting questions to help illustrate your trend. To receive full credit, you must produce the questions before the interviews and show your notes after.

Ø    Extended feature story. (200 points) This combines all of the above into a long feature. You will include all of the following:

§        Emotional impact on reader

§        Research base

§        Fun facts

§        Two (2) local authority interviews

§        Three local interviews from students (at least two students should be in-depth interviews)

§        Three to five soundbyte quotes (from surveys, classmates, etc.)

§        analysis of survey results (implications) in narrative form scattered throughout your piece; serves as the spine

§        polished and a pleasure to read

Ø    Propaganda. (100 points). Create TWO pieces of propaganda to promote your issue or point of view in regards to your trend. Use the devices we discussed and write up a paragraph analysis that demonstrates what devices you use, why, and how they promote. Each ad should be original. Each must be a full page ad.


§        Editorial. (100 points). Choose a position about your topic and follow the format to write an editorial. Imagine that you are a group of editors at your paper. No I, no byline, and proper execution of the form. 500 words

§        Profile. (100 points.) Highlight someone you met along the way that is related to your topic but isn’t really perfect for the fit of the whole piece. Write a 600-1000 word profile. 500 words

§        News Story. (100 points) Using the Inverted Pyramid, find a NEWSWORTHY story that is related to your piece. 500 words

Ø    Interest Box. This can be a box with contact information or a 10 step “How To” or anything else that would be relevant and of interest to you topic. This should enhance your article, be related, be interesting, and demonstrate thought and effort.

Ø    PRESENTATION/LAYOUT/VIDEO. (100 points based on points below) The entire final written project must fill COMPLETE pages (no white/dead space) in the Microsoft Publisher program you are taught. There must be at least ONE graphic per page with a caption of explanation. Note the samples you were given; the graphics look good and make the story hold together. Your layout must include ALL of the following:

§        The entire final draft of the feature must fill COMPLETE pages (no white/dead space); no text should be cut off (make sure that the research, interviews, etc. are included in your final presentation.. Be certain that no words are cut off!

§        Include 2 charts or graphs you created from the survey with caption (20 points)

§        Artwork with caption or digital photo with caption (Ms. Baglio will help you capture an image if you ask nicely and schedule a time) or artwork or photos with captions (found on Internet is OK)

§        Must include the EDITORIAL or PROFILE or NEWS STORY

§        Must include the INTEREST FILLER BOX

§        Must include both propaganda pieces as full page ads