After having followed the directions for the three series interview, you must organize your information. Take out your notes. Ask yourself these initial questions:

Then follow these steps:

HoW To WrItE uP aN iNtErViEw

When you write up your interview, you are writing a feature story. When you read an interview in a magazine or newspaper, you are reading the results of the interview process now organized to make sense. The author chooses what to include and where, as well as what to OMIT. Remember, not everything is necessary to make your story stand.

A basic outline you may want to follow is divided into four parts. You will notice that depending the approach you choose for organization will determine what information you include. If you writing chronologically, follow the model on the left; if you are writing by topic or event, follow the model on the right. You may also combine the two when appropriate.

PART 1= The Introduction
PART 2= The Subject's past                OR                   the First Main Topic
Part 3= The Subject's present                  OR                the Second Main Topic
Part 4= The Subject's future                        OR              the Summary/Final Comments