Ms. Gokturk



Charting Unmarked Territories: Making Visual Sense of Your Surveys




To create a chart


1. Go to Excel on your desk top. Open!


2. Enter your data with headings into the cells.


3. Highlight the cells – including the titles.


4. Click on chart wizard in the tool bar (it looks like a bar graph).


5.Select your chart type. If you are interested in representing several multiple choice or rating responses, use a bar graph or a column graph; if you are interested in tallying percentages (i.e., gender, grade, yes/no) use a pie graph. [NOTE: If you have more than three multiple choice responses, see ___ as there is another step you will need to take.]


6. Once you have picked your standard type, choose your chart sub-type (click on the graphic –how do you want it to look?).


7. Choose NEXT.


8. Choose ROWS or COLUMNS: what makes the most sense for your data?.


9. Choose NEXT.


10. Give the chart a title – be direct and to the point.


11.  Go to Chart menu and choose chart type (i.e., pie, bar, etc.) Click OK.


12.  Look at menu tabs in the chart option box, click on DATA LABEL tab.


13. Choose SHOW LABEL or SHOW LABEL AND PERCENT, etc: what makes the most sense?


14. Choose NEXT.


15. You will get a dialog box that asks where yu want the chart to be placed: AS OBJECT IN Sheet 1.


16. Click FINISH.


17. Voila! A finished chart. Review the chart. Does it tell you anything? Is it a valid chart? If not, start over, if yes, SAVE.


18. If changed need to be made, right click on chart and go to OPTIONS.