Ms. Gokturk



My Palette Has Eyes: I am a Food Critic


Homework Assignment: 50 points

Final Review: 100 points

Layout: 50 points


Food, food, food. We eat it every day. Sometimes we relish our meals, and other times we barely notice them. Your next writing assignment is to use your senses of sight, taste, and smell to produce a most vivid description of your food.


YOUR TASK: Eat a meal at home, at a friend’s house, or at a restaurant before next class. Take notes on the items detailed below. Use vivid adjectives and phrases to describe your dining experience. These notes will help you write your review in class. [*After layout, on presentation day, you should plan on bringing one item from your review for the class to sample. So review something manageable.]


You may eat out, eat in, cook it yourself, take out, order at the cafeteria, whatever. The only requirement is that you follow the guidelines provided, and most of all, let us, your Schreiber audience taste your meal, too, good or bad! If you are not dining out, substitute “service” for whoever is putting the meal together. For instance, if your sister is cooking, she’s your chef… Have fun with the assignment! After you finish this paper, you will lay it out as well.


  1. Was it good or bad? Explain.
  2. What did the place smell like?
  3. Name the dishes you sampled from each part of the meal.
  4. Describe the flavors for each.
  5. Describe the presentation for each.
  6. Are there house specialties?
  7. Anything unusual on the menu?
  8. Describe the portions.
  9. How was the service?
  10. Describe the ambiance.
  11. What is the cost?
  12. How does this place compare to other places?