Ms. Gokturk



Planning a Feature Story: A Proposal


The questions that we ask are what inspire our feature stories. You will write an in-depth feature later in the semester, but before you commence that mammoth task, you will write a 1000 word feature story of your choice. Examine your question log, discuss your star questions with your colleagues, and think: what would make an interesting story? Ask yourself, Will I be able to get enough information? Since my interviews need to be local, how accessible are these people? Imagine your story in The Schreiber Times.


1. A) My story idea is (explain in detail):




B) This story will appeal to _____ because ______ (imagine an audience):




2. To write this story, I need to talk with or interview the following people (explain why for each).  I am required to interview AT LEAST ________ people for this assignment. [A basic rule: features are jam-packed with interviews. People like to read what others have to say!]


____   Primary sources (those people most directly affected). List those people or types of people.







_____ Authority sources (people who are experts on the topic). List those people or types of people.            







3. To write this story, I need to research the following facts/statistics: [In other words, what information do you need to make your story complete beside interviews?]. For each, explain where you will be able to find this information.







4. How do I feel about this topic? What is my opinion?





5. I expect to generate the following emotions with my story.  Please explain how/why you will achieve this.