Ms. Gokturk


The Expository Feature Project: An In-Depth Report

Move Over, Geraldo

This is My Final Project

Look at the following phrases. How would you fill them in? Refer to your question log.


THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. Your mission is to find a topic of importance to you and expose it to the rest of us. Look at your question log for ideas, observe your world, think about something you’re curious about or annoyed by, or develop a feature or opinion piece you wrote for this class.

You will expose the truth to us by writing a long feature story in which you will reveal the truth. Your goal is to make us feel something by unveiling these truths. What will we do? Change? (For example, your exposé might reveal Schreiber’s student alcohol abuse problem. Will your readers think twice about their own drinking? Will another student join SADD? Will a parent speak to their child? Or, if your exposé is about the crisis in the Middle East, will your readership be more sensitive towards Muslims?)

You are writing an exposé that will be put together to look like a magazine or newspaper insert. See the samples.

Your feature is in-depth report must contain various elements and follow certain guidelines. Here is the checklist. Please check off each element as you complete it.




Final Project is Due: ________________