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Editorial Pre-Writing Worksheet


Review your lists of topics you identified.  Working in pairs or threes, fill out this worksheet BEFORE beginning your editorial. Please write neatly, use detail and write in complete sentences.  Note: Pointing out what’s wrong is easier than contributing to a problem’s solution – and a good editorial’s concern should be to better a situation, not bludgeon it. Remember, also, no matter what your purpose or topic, an editorial is no place to indulge in personal attacks. Be smart! Don’t whine or gripe – use your energy to convince!


1. What is a problem/issue, complex event/rule/regulation/custom, or topic worthy of praise that our entire student body and/or Port Washington community faces today?








2. What is your group’s view/position on this topic? Consider your value statement (AKA known as your “should” statement). 





3. What would you like to achieve with your editorial? (What is the desired result?) Remember, your editorial’s purpose is to make the world a better place…





4. What details need to be developed in order to illustrate your topic? Consider what the main topic for each short paragraph will be.