Ms. Gokturk


Sections of the Paper

Editorial & Staff Positions


The primary role of an editor is to manage a publication. This involves coordinating stories with writers, photographers, artwork, and even copy editing. Each section has a different editor, and the editor in chief oversees the entire operation.


As we finish this course, we will go beyond individual publication pages, but will coordinate to put together a class paper. Each student will become an editor. Editors work together to keep unity in the paper intact by communicating layout expectations/needs, proofreading each other’s sections, and striving for a high quality publication. Individually, editors write, research, edit, and find appropriate graphics for their pieces.


Each of you will be responsible for a section/subject. As editor, each of you will be responsible for 1) creating the section, 2) writing an in-depth exposé that will be presented in the section, 3) creating the art work and photos, and 4) writing the extras related to the subject (inserts, reviews, etc.).


YOUR FIRST TASK: Apply for a job! In a well written letter, explain why you would be the best person for at least one (and up to three alternates) of the jobs listed. You must apply for a job or you will be assigned one. You may also apply for more than one choice to increase your chances of being pleased! All letters will be taken into consideration and those who make the best case for their hiring will get the job. More than one student will mostly likely be in charge of a section or subject. Your letter should be 1-2 pages in length, typed, and single spaced. You may include a resume.


Use the following questions to frame your letter:

  1. What position would you like? Why?
  2. Why are you meant for this job?
  3. What skills do you have to make this the best match?
  4. Describe your commitment to making the class paper a success.
  5. How much time can you commit to the tasks?
  6. What are your second and third choice positions? What makes you an excellent choice for these positions?
  7. Add anything you feel was left out.



Because our class is small, you will be given an editorial responsibility which also means that you are your own staff. Work previously written in class may be incorporated into the sections as “extras” to new and original work. At minimum, each student will write TWO new articles for their sections.


Editors in Chief/Staff Responsibilities:

THE BIG CHEESE(s). In charge of managing the publication and staff, directing what goes in, advisor, overseeing it all. Checks to see that editors of sections have materials and layouts are consistent with each other. Seeks the consensus of other editors and writes the editorials. Writes op-eds, letters to the editor, the masthead and creates the editorial cartoon. Fills in the slack wherever needed. Responsible for proofreading and editing the whole publication [after others have done theirs] and makes sure each section revises. Keeps things flowing. Layout for the editorial/op-ed section. May opt to create an online paper also. Exposé will be trends-oriented and important in nature to the student body (i.e., Teens Coping with Divorce, Sex & Teens, Teens & Drunk Driving, Eating Disorders, etc.).


Sports Editor/Staff Responsibilities:

Generates fresh ideas for sports articles and writes the stories: news, profiles, features, cartoons. Creates art and gets the photos. The aim of this section is to cover local sports and athletes. Responsible for proofreading and editing all copy in this section. Exposé will be trends-oriented within this subject matter (Sports-Related Injuries in High School Sports, Steroids in the Locker Room, Bullying on the Field, etc.).


Arts & Entertainment Editor/Staff Responsibilities:

Oversees the section that covers fashion, music, movies, comics, reviews, advice, service articles, horoscopes, etc. Generates ideas and writes articles. Creates art and gets the photos. Topics should interest our population. Responsible for proofreading and editing all copy in this section. Exposé will be trends-oriented within this subject matter (Arts vs. Academics in Schools, Personality Types and Majors, Music Trends, What’s Up With Your Thong? etc.).


News Editor/Staff Responsibilities:

In charge of overseeing news stories and coverage of breaking news (and even “older” news for our purposes). Writes articles: news stories (hard and soft) and news features). Creates art and gets the photos. Responsible for proofreading and editing all copy in this section which is page one and the following pages. Exposé will be trends as seen within newsworthy topics (examine the news both locally and politically and find a suitable topic. i.e., gas prices, political views in high school, environmental issues, recalls, trends in the world, etc.).


Business Editor/Staff Responsibilities: Oversees articles about money, economy, commerce, trends, etc. In the real world, would seek out sponsors to advertise in newspaper and create ads to raise money. In our world, the business editor will use propaganda techniques to create ads to use throughout the paper. Needs good graphic, artistic, and linguistic skills. Creates ads for any pages after PAGE 2. Exposé will be money-oriented within this subject matter (i.e., student allowances, summer jobs, etc.).


Science & Technology Editor/Staff Responsibilities: Oversees the section concerned with science and technology in our world. Writes articles about these issues. Researches latest scientific discoveries or technology, examines the impact on humans, environment, reviews history of technology/science, etc. Needs an understanding about science/technology, where it’s been and where it’s going, good now-how with computers, games, etc. Exposé will be technology-oriented within this subject matter (i.e., how students rely on technology, IMing in the classroom, cell phones and costs, op-ed about the future of environment, hormones and foods, global warming, etc.).


Automobile Section Editor/Staff Responsibilities: Oversees the section concerned with the automotive industry. Writes articles about auto safety, costs, problems, profiles, etc. Researches latest releases, environmental concerns, history, etc. Needs a passion for cars (old and new). Exposé will be automobile-oriented within this subject matter (i.e., Teens & Their Cars, Financing Cars, Driving Regulations, Violations, Dating and the Car: History of Man’s Real Best Friend, etc.).


Real Estate Section Editor/Staff Responsibilities: Oversees the section concerned with real estate. Writes articles about real estate trends, costs, segregation, schooling, etc. Exposé will be real-estate-oriented within this subject matter (i.e., Regions of Port & Perceptions, Where Have You Lived? An Exposé About Teens’ Moving History, Port Rates, etc.).


Outdoor Living Section Editor/Staff Responsibilities: Oversees the section concerned with outdoor activities. Writes articles about sports, activities, gardening, beach, etc. Exposé will be outdoor-oriented within this subject matter (i.e., Skate Boarding in Port, Surfing USA: Port Teens Travel to Surf, Schreiber Shrubbers Garden for Cause, etc.).


Home & Living Section Editor/Staff Responsibilities: Oversees the section concerned with home style and comfort. Writes articles about crafts, lifestyles, décor, design, gardening, etc. Exposé will be Martha Stewart-like! (i.e., Comfort Foods for Teens, Crafts and Hobbies, Architecture as a Major, etc.).


Is There a Section Missing That You Think Our Paper Should Have? Create it in your letter.


All students should be working on SOMETHING at ALL times. Students found not following this rule will lose class work points and their lab grade will suffer miserably. Should you find yourself with downtime, ask other sections how you can help or ask to be assigned an article. Brainstorm more cool stuff for your section.



Types of Journalistic Writing Found in Various Sections (Depending on the Section!)


News Story (All sections)

Profile Piece (All sections)

Personal Experience Feature (All sections)



In-Depth Report Feature (All sections)

How To/Service Article (All sections)

Review (All sections)


Letter to the Editor