Ms. Gokturk



Editorial Checklist


Please check your editorial to make sure it follows the following guidelines. Please print a copy of your editorial and label its parts as we did in class. Then, check the following list and explain how your editorial has fulfilled the criteria.


      There is a headline for your editorial:


      The editorial is between 350-500 words.


      The editorial has a clear introduction that describes the situation briefly proposes a solution. State:



      The body includes at least 3 paragraphs and each develops the idea further. Cite the examples briefly:



      The order of examples is logical. Explain logic:



      The editorial content is worthy of discussion for Schreibers audience. Why?



      The editorial addresses a situation faced by the majority of students. Explain who might be left out:




      The editorial ends by suggesting a feasible solution:




Other points:

      Argument is clear and concise.

      The editorial doesnt sound like a venting or long-winded speech. It has a clear purpose

      Overall, the editorial avoids excessive emotions.