Get Out Your Scalpel!  Dissect a Feature Story

Please read the feature you found or were given.  Answer the following questions after you have read  it.


Title/Headline: _______________________________________________


Does the story have a catchy title? What might be a better title?_______________________________________


Author: ______________________Date:___________________  Publication: ___________________________


1. Is this a human interest story?  How?  (In other words, what details about humans grab your interest?)





2. Does it appeal to the emotions? (What are they?)  Analyze how the writing causes emotions.  If it does not, what could be done to evoke emotion?





3. Does the reporter make the purpose clear early in the story? What is the purpose of this story?






4. Who has been interviewed for this story? Of those, who are the “primary” sources?





The “authority” sources? Explain why for each.






5. Does the reporter use vivid words that add color and life to the story? Give an example citing from the text.





Then, how could the reporter add more life to this story?







6. What would make this a better story? In other words, who else could be interviewed? What else would you like to see or know about?