Ms. Gokturk



Aiming for a Credible Newspaper


THE SITUATION: You have been placed with other journalists to create an editorial board and must come up with solutions and commentary for the following situations by the end of the hour. Your responses will determine the future of the newspaper for which you write.


YOUR TASK: Work in groups of three to four students to complete the following tasks. Please answer on loose-leaf to hand in. You will also present your findings in discussion to the class.


1. “News is the first rough draft of history.” – Ben Bradlee


What does Bradlee mean? As a group, do you agree? Explain.


2. Examine the two newspapers you were given.

What are the differences? In your notes, create a T chart comparing and contrasting the two publications. What are the differences and similarities?


3. Construct a set of standards that OUR class newspaper. (Um, we’re not aiming for Enquirer status, please.)* In other words, write out the aim/mission statement of a good newspaper. [We will then combine all the groups’ ideas into one doctrine for the semester.]


Words to define and consider:

Use your textbook, dictionary, and Internet to define.


accuracy, fair play, ethics, balance, ethics, integrity, public access, Yellow Journalism, editorializing, Hearst’s “You provide the pictures, I’ll provide the war,” libel, slander, bias, subjectivity, objectivity







* Providing there is enough time in the semester, we will create an “April Fools” type issue.