News Stories: Are We Really Getting the Whole Story?


Directions: You have been assembled into groups. Your group should have at least two different newspapers. 


1. How are the newspapers in your group similar?







2. How do the papers in your group differ?







3.  Identify the top story for each paper.






4. Do your newspapers have the same top story?         YES   or   NO


If yes, how does the coverage from the different papers differ? (In other words, how does the order of events relayed, the language, the style, etc. differ?)







If no, what reasons might one paper have for running with a story over another one? Explain why each paper chose to run the story it did.







5. Choose one newspaper. On the back of this sheet, summarize the top story’s content.

Rewrite the top story’s first paragraph from the perspective of one of the following. Remember, you want to be biased here! Use language that one of these people might use from of their POV.:


a) An Environmental Activist

                                b) A Talk Show Host

                                c)  An Apathetic High School Student

                                d) A Very Liberal Politician Who Hates Anything Conservative