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Keeping an Eye on Interview Techniques:

48 Hours Juvenile Crime In-depth Report

Please answer the following questions on the back of this sheet or on a separate sheet of paper. The questions have been broken up into the segments which are designated by where commercials would have been.

As you watch the report, pay close attention to how the interviewer has achieved the responses. In some cases, the questions are heard, in others, they are not. Try and imagine what kinds of questions were asked to attain these in-depth responses. You will be interviewing many people to get your story, so try and learn some tricks of the trade!


  1. How does the in-depth report begin? In other words, what is the catchy intro?
  2. How do you feel about Donnel Marie Fry? How does the report cause you to feel this?
  3. List three questions asked to her parents.
  4. List the nine people who were interviewed and/or quoted to tell this story.


5. What are the two primary methods used to illustrate this story?

6. How do you think the interviewer was able to get these in-depth responses?


7. Why does 48 Hours include the actual news footage of Kevin Aquino's (sp?) being revealed a child molester on the TV news? What effect does it provide the report?

8. In writing your report, what might be the equivalent documents/facts you might include to achieve this same effect? (Imagine you are able to attain certain documents.)


9. How does the audience feel about the judge? How did the reporter create this?


10. Why has Judge Judy been interviewed?


11. How does the report end?