Ms. Gokturk

Trends in Literature

Viewing Soylent Green (1973)

Directed by Richard Fleischer, starring Charlton Heston (Detective Ty Thorn), Edward G Robinson (Solomon “Sol” Roth), Leigh Taylor-Young (Shirl). New York City in 2022, population 40 million in the city alone. Based upon the 1966 novel, Make Room! Make Room!, by Harry Harrison.





Depleted Resources


Dying Oceans

Global Warming



Caring vs. Corruption

Beautiful Earth vs. Ugly Human Action

Humanity & Morality


Please watch the film carefully but takes notes. There will be an open note quiz following. Use the following topics as focus points in your note taking:


  • Opening Sequence


  • Setting


  • Items stolen


  • Role of women


  • Overcrowding examples


  • Evidence of corruption


  • Food


  • Religion


  • Beautiful imagery


  • Humane behavior